Dark Myshuno Challenge - ideas

The lovely city of San Myshuno is getting very dark.

A perfect place for an interesting challenge.

Dark Myshuno Challenge

Temporary Info - open for discussion

Once, San Myshuno was a happy city full of light, love and laughter.

But then, one day, a strange nightclub was build in the middle of the city. It was dark, full of sin and seemed kinda evil. This darkness seemed to spread - slowly but steady.

Because of this, San Myshuno became darker every year. More and more dark buildings came to the city and lured lots of dark people into the City. Finally it was called "Dark Myshuno".

This is the situation, where the Dark-Myshuno-Challenge takes place.

It is a 3 generation challenge, and everything gets darker and darker during the challenge. The challenge is aspiration-oriented and kinda rags-to-riches.

Here are the short rules for the challenge (below you later find the detailed challenge-rules).

1. Generation: Party and sin

This is the time, when San Myshuno slowly becomes darker and darker. Sin is in the air and parties happen every night.

Create a Sim.

Fullfill the following aspirations:

  • Serial romantic
  • Party animal
  • Friend of the world

More rules: No money at start, no job, only city collecting and parties for earning money, one child, ten dancing parties, ...

2. Generation: crime and mischief

This is the time, when sin changes to crime and parties change to mischief.

Fullfill the following aspirations:

  • Public Enemy
  • Chief of Mischief


  • Reach level 10 of the criminal career
  • Own a penthouse in San Myshuno

More rules: trait: cleptomaniac, earning money only by job and stealing, at least one child, maybe a vampire-child.

3. Generation: vampires everywhere

This is the time, when there are more and more vampires in San Myshuno.

Let your young adult Sim be a vampire.

Fullfill the following aspirations:

  • Vampire Family
  • Master Vampire
  • Good Vampire

More rules: sire at least 23 sims to vampires, ...

These rules are open for discussion.

This challenge is still in the development stage.