Sims 4 - Money Tree Challenge

Earn 1 Million $

with Money Trees

Money Tree Challenge

Welcome to the Sims 4 Money Tree Challenge.

This is a Rags to Riches Challenge, where you have to earn 1 million simoleons with money trees.

The rules are simple:

  • Create a new sim in a new save game.
  • Let the sim move to an empty lot.
  • Take away all the money.
    You can do this like that:
    testingcheats true
    money 0
  • Earn money by gardening, collecting, angling, painting, whatever you want exept money cheats.
  • Collect satifaction points by working on aspirations, whims and holiday traditions. You may add as much custom holidays as you like.
  • When reaching 5000 satisfaction points you may buy a money tree fruit in the Aspiration Rewards Store.
  • Plant the money tree, take care of it and wait.
  • You are free to grow more money trees by putting the fruitful money tree in your household inventory. Then you get more money tree fruits, that you can plant.
  • You are free to build a house with the money you earn.
  • The challenge is finished, when you have 1 million simoleons (including worth of the house).
The first money tree

More difficult version

If you want to make it harder, your sim has to wait until he/she has earned 10k befor starting to build a house.

Even tents and cooling boxes are not allowed before reaching 10k.

The sim may only grow plants on his/her lot.

I'm playing this challenge on Youtube: To my Money Tree Challenge

You can find more information about money trees in my money tree tutorial: To my Money Tree Tutorial

Lots of fun playing the Money Tree Challenge and/or watching me playing this fun challenge.

CU Eva aka Granny Tana

Lots of money trees