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FS22 Mods: Farm Production

Would you like to have an extensive production on your farm, but you don't have the necessary space? Then these small production buildings with color choice are made for you.

There is a production for products intended for sale, e.g. flour and bread. Most common base game products can be produced here. Another production building can produce products that are needed on the farm, e.g. silage, TMR or pig food. Both buildings can be built next to each other so that they look like one building.

You can enter the production buildings. Inside you can trigger small animations that are purely for decoration and do not trigger any production processes.

Note: If you want to make bread, you should set the self-made flour to "Distribute".

Why didn't I put both productions in one building? Because the products of one production spawn as pallets and the other can come out of a pipe.

Within a small production building, of course, you can't store much. That's why I've also included a multi-fruit silo, of course with color choice as well. There is also a buying silo for animal food and farm supplies.

This is the Modhub link:

Mod-Presentation Video


Here you can find the mod presentation video: Farm Production mod presentation video

Dauer: 16:35

Facts and prices

  • Farm production: 5x5 m, $20,000, 13 slots
  • Farm Supplies Production: 5x5 m, $20,000, 11 slots
  • Multi-fruit silo: 10,000,000 liters, $30,000, 5 slots
  • Purchase station: animal food, seeds, fertilizer, herbicide, water, etc., $10,000, 5 slots

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