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FS22 Mods: Fast Creek = Elmcreek with rapid plant growth

Do you want to play with fast plant growth when you've turned off the seasonal cycles?

Then you can play on Fast Creek.

The Fast Creek map works like an independent map, but is the original Elmcreek, only with changed settings for plant growth. With seasonal growth turned off, all crops on Fast Creek will ripen within a day. Like in older LS versions, you can harvest every day and let your farm grow quickly.

This is how you can use the Fast Creek Mod to play on the Elmcreek with fast plant growth:

  • Start a new savegame.
  • Select "Fast Creek" as the map.
  • Make the other settings as usual.
  • You come to the Original Elmcreek, but with rapid plant growth if you switch off seasonal growth.
  • Go to the menu and switch off the seasonal growth in the Seasonal cycles area.
  • After sowing in a field, that crop will be ready for harvest the next day.
This is my download link: This is version



The grass is now regrowing again, but the helper cannot harvest the grass that has grown back.

Mod presentation video

Here you can watch my mod presentation video:

Mod Images