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FS22 Mods: Fast Creek Multiplayer

Do you want to play with fast plant growth when you have turned off the seasonal cycles?

Then you can now play on Fast Creek.

The Fast Creek Multiplayer is largely the original Elmcreek, but with changed settings for plant growth and empty corner farms. With seasonal growth turned off, all crops on Fast Creek ripen within 2-3 months. Like in older LS versions, you can harvest every other day (month) and let your farm grow quickly.

In the Fast Creek Multiplayer, I removed the four farms in the corners of the map.

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This is how you can use the Fast Creek Multiplayer Map to play on the Elmcreek with fast plant growth:

  • Start a new save.
  • Select "Fast Creek Multiplayer" as the map.
  • Choose the other settings as usual.
  • You enter the Original Elmcreek, but with rapid plant growth when seasonal growth is switched off.
  • Go to the menu and switch off the seasonal growth in the Seasons area.
  • Keep days per month at 1 to enjoy rapid plant growth.
  • After sowing in a field, that crop will be ready for harvest in 2 days (months).
  • The farm spaces in the corners are empty and leveled and therefore ready for you to settle.
  • You can use my Trailer Farm Pack as farm buildings.
This is my download link:

This is version

It's still an Alpha Version.


  • Potatoes ripen after 2 days and don't rot before even ripening.

  • Moved the wall in the south-west corner farm, that you can't build too close to the map border and crash your server or PC.

  • The corner farms are now leveled and therefore easier to settle.
  • Two more small farms in the hills have been emptied and leveled (for fields 20/21 and 22/23/24).
  • I built open shelters at the trailer farm at field 51. You can't buy this farm.
  • I set the plant growth to 2 days for cereals etc.
  • Field crops such as grapes, olives, sugar cane, poplars, etc. need 3 days and grow back.
  • Grass is ready for harvest in 1-2 days and can be harvested by helpers. It is a bit strange, however, because unharvested, it falls back to an earlier stage of growth.

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