Gamer Granny Tana

FS22 Mods: Farm Production Pack Beta

Do you want to have a single production building on your farm, where you can refine all the products you grow on your farm?

Would you also like to refine your potatoes, e.g. as French fries and do you want to make farm-made noodles?

Then you need the Farm Production Pack, which is now in early beta.

In this beta version you can already produce noodles and fries without any underlying scripts. In the same building you can also grind the flour you need for the pasta.

You can sell the noodles and fries in the included shop, if you place it on your property.

More products and production recipes are planned for the release version. There will also be more production buildings where you can produce anything. This allows you to choose one of the production buildings depending on the building style of your farm.

I will also add more selling stations to the pack to sell your products.

I will finish the pack as soon as possible and then submit it to Modhub, so that your console players can also use this pack.

This is my download link:

This is a Beta-Version

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