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FS22 Mods: Map Four Fields (Beta-Version

4 fields, 4 farms, 2 variants.

Have you always wanted to farm on really big fields? Then this map might be just right for you. There are 4 huge fields and 4 farms here. A great way to play with four people if you like playing with friends.

Around the four fields you will find the usual infrastructure that you know from maps: There are selling stations, productions, a village, meadows and forests. There is also a large vineyard and a campsite where you can earn money.

The highlight of this map is, that it is available as a German map and an American map. You just have to download one map and then you can choose whether you want to play it as a German Vierfelden or as an American Four Fields.

The map is currently not finished. It is an beta version.

This is my download link:

Features of the map

The map has the following features:

  • 4 fields
  • 4 farms
  • 31 plots
  • Selling stations
  • Productions
  • Vineyard
  • Passive income through camping
  • Passive income through wind turbines
  • Properties with huge gardens
  • Fast plant growth with seasonal growth switched off
  • Wheat and barley can also be sown in spring
  • Horses are worth $40,000 after 3 years (well trained)

New in versions:


  • Farms 2 to 4
  • Large gardens on 2 properties
  • Small extra BGA as a selling station
  • All productions around the fields are 3 times as productive and have 3-10 times as large capacities


  • Farm signs
  • Decoration of productions and sales stations
  • AI traffic
  • Pedestrians
  • Sound
  • Pool newly built
  • Make ground textures purchasable
  • License plates vary per map (German or American)
  • Trees at the background hills
  • River bank decorated


The following features are planned till release:

  • More paintable flowers
  • Hide collectibles
  • Store icons for placeable buildings and selling stations
  • PDA map new
  • New home screens
  • Information texts about the card and BGA
  • Possibly: Rye and spelled
  • Bug fix



Four Fields