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FS22 Mods: Map Hinterland

This is my map Hinterland.

Hikers discovered an area of rolling hills in the middle of Germany that was neither settled nor used for agriculture and they could hardly believe it. There was only one restaurant that offered food and drink to the infrequent hikers. After the hikers reported their discovery, the area was released for settlement and named "Hinterland" because of its emptiness. A farmer has already tried his luck, but because of the loneliness, he gave up and left his small farm.

Do you dare to settle in this loneliness and build a successful farm?

This map is a do-it-yourself map. So there is plenty of free space where you can create your own farms, villages and fields.

The starting point is a small courtyard with three fields. There are also a few selling stations and of course a vehicle dealer and an animal dealer.

This is the Modhub download link:


The map contains the following features:

  • 3 fields
  • 49 lots
  • 1 small farm
  • 3 selling stations
  • 1 bakery with extended functions
  • Vehicle store
  • Workshop
  • Animal dealer
  • Forests, lakes, river
  • 36 golden animal figures as collectibles
  • Rapid plant growth with seasonal growth turned off
  • Wheat and barley can also be sown in spring
  • Meadows with flowers can be sown
  • Subsoiler as a plow for creating fields
  • 4 golden poor-making weights for survival playthroughs
  • 3 sign posts for passive income

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