Gamer Granny Tana

FS22 Mods: Map Wunzig (Alpha-Version

This is the alpha version of my map Wunzig.

The map is not yet ready. Once complete, it will appear in the modhub for all platforms.

Wunzig is a small idyllic map located somewhere in the German low mountain range.

The farm is still completely temporary, and there are still many places on the map that are not yet finished, e.g. the courtyard garden, the fruit trees, the other courtyards, the planned fish production, parts of the shopping street..

This is my download link:

Features of the map

  • 1 main farm
  • 33 fields
  • 63 farmlands
  • 6 selling stations
  • Productions (alpha version): extended bakery, spinning, tailor, grape processing
  • Dealership
  • Animal dealer
  • Forests, lakes, rivers
  • Rapid plant growth with seasonal growth turned off
  • Wheat and barley can also be sown in spring


The following changes and extensions are planned until release:

  • Main farm
  • Other farms, e.g. pig farm, sheep farm, horse farm
  • Farm garden
  • Fruit trees
  • Grape field
  • Dairy at village
  • Deco shops in village
  • Carp production
  • Rebuild the marketstalls
  • Carpentry
  • Sawmill
  • BGA
  • Holiday village by the lake in the hills
  • Finish the riverbank
  • Finish the lake shore
  • More pedestrians
  • AI traffic

Map Images